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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Change the access codes on your new door opener

If your new garage door opener doesn’t have rolling-code technology that changes the access codes every time it is used, make sure you change the manufacturer’s standard access codes on it as well as on the remote control unit. Contact our specialists if you are unsure how to do this, or if you wish to check to see if we have a new model that carries the latest safety and security features.

Make careful inspections of your garage door

Carefully observing the operation of your garage door is an excellent preventive measure to help you spot potential problems. If your door moves smoothly and doesn't make scraping or grinding noises, and if its springs, cables and pulleys appear to be symmetrical and are working in sync with one another, you're probably in good shape. However, if you spot even the slightest problem, it'd be a good idea to contact our experts to have them make sure everything's in perfect working condition.

Never touch the cables or springs

Dealing with any spring related situation can be very dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals. These are parts of your garage door that handle the highest amount of tension, and any mistake made while tending to them can in lead to catastrophic results. This is why you should give our experts a call if any spring related issue comes up.

When choosing a new opener, be sure to get one with enough horse power

The horse power output of each opener model can vary greatly. When deciding to buy a new one, it's important to choose a model that can properly handle your door's weight. If your door is made from a lightweight material such as fiberglass or aluminum, a less powerful model may be sufficient. Heavier doors, though, or more sizeable ones at least, will most likely require additional horse power to operate.


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