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The Energy-saving tips on garage door repair. Here are some ways to take the sting out of home maintenance. The cleverest tips for those interested to learn the little secrets, which will keep garage doors in perfect condition!  Don't you want to deal with garage door issues easier? The following tips will help you

  • Extra care for winter

    Winter is a hard time for garage doors as parts can freeze over and make it very difficult for you to open and close doors. Apart from getting your garage doors checked regularly, maintenance care and routine checks should increase during winter and periods of harsh weather.

  • Make sure the door is balanced

    The overhead door must remain open at about your height when it is disconnected from the electric garage door opener. If it doesn't, it means balance is required and you should call our experts since this task involves releasing or adding tension to the springs. If the door is not balanced, it won't close well.

  • Ensure that you have clear visibility of the door when operating it

    You should never activate the door from a great distance, in complete darkness or when it is raining and the car wipers are not on. Out specialists explain that this would pose a great risk for any person near the door.

  • Never touch the cables or springs

    Though you can perform limited maintenance on your garage door, our experts warn that you should never do anything to fix the cables or springs. These particular parts often suffer the highest amount of tension and improper handling can break your door, as well as cause injury.

  • Correcting Opener Malfunctions:

    The majority of opener malfunctions are caused by insufficient power supply. If the system has failed to turn on, you should first check the power supply. Many units are fitted with a battery back-up, but this will only last for a certain period and if the unit has accidentally been unplugged, you will lose power. It is also worth a check to see if the vacation mode has been accidentally been triggered.

  • Be Sure to Choose the Correct HP in Your New Opener

    There are a number of power options for your new opener, but it is important to choose the correct model for your circumstances. Our experts advise that if your door is made from a lightweight material such as fiberglass or aluminum, generally a lower powered model will suffice. Heavier doors or those which are overlarge will require the additional horse power.

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