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The most helpful answers are available here. The FAQs for garage door repair that work.

  • What is a garage door lift handle?

    This is a mechanism that is attached to the garage door in order to allow you to lift it manually. It is a companion to electronic openers and actually works when there is a power cut or failure in the main part. The pull rope does a similar job using the bottom bracket.

  • Should I get bespoke garage doors?

    They are more expensive and if you can afford them or your house has peculiar characteristics, it will be a great idea. In any other case, it's not wise to spend a fortune for small modifications since there is abundance in panels for garage door replacement.

  • Is it good to remove or turn off the safety beams?

    Garage door professionals at Chula Vista advise that you must not turn off or remove the safety beams. This is because some garage door openers that were manufactured in 1993 and onwards come with safety features. This was put in place in order to give protection to the homeowners, their pets, and possessions from damage, accidents or injury most especially if they are in the path of the door. However, remember that tampering, removing and disengaging the beam can cause serious problems to your door opener.

  • Is it possible to turn off the safety eyes of my garage door opener?

    No. Any garage door opener which has been manufactured since the early 1990’s must have in-built safety features. The safety eyes are designed to detect obstructions in the path of a moving garage door to prevent injury to people and pets or damage to property.  Due to this requirement, the safety eyes cannot be disabled and many models of openers will not function if the safety eyes have been removed or tampered with.

  • Why should I choose automatic openers instead of manual doors?

    This is the 21st century and even if you don't use the garage door often, you will still enjoy the benefits of automatic garage door openers. Why should you lift the heavy door manually when you can just press a button? At the same time, you can enjoy the safety features, which will protect you from accidents and remote controls that will allow you quick entrance and enhanced safety.

  • How to avoid garage door dents?

    Most dents occur due to car crashes. Hence, you must slow down when you are driving through the driveway because one day you may hurt a kid and don't forget that garage door panel replacement is not cheap. Fortunately, you can replace section of the garage door now that won't cost as much as the whole garage door replacement but it would be better to play basketball elsewhere to avoid silly and unnecessary expenses.

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