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5 Important Garage Door Checks

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5 Important Garage Door Checks

Important Garage Door Checks | Garage Door Repair Chula Vista, CA

As a proud home owner you need to look after all your assets. How do you know which parts of your garage door to maintain? Where do you start?

We make it easy for you. Use this checklist to regularly check your door. If you find anything amiss, it’s time to call the experts.

Here’s all you need to do.

  1. Check the Balance

    This is an easy check that quickly tells you if your door needs maintenance:

    • Uncouple the door opener.
    • Pull the door until it’s halfway open.
    • If it doesn’t stay in that position, it’s unbalanced.

    Your springs may need repairing or replacement. Don’t ignore this problem. An unbalanced door can easily fall to the floor one day and hurt you or damage your vehicle.

  2. Nuts and Bolts

    What happens when mechanical systems move a lot? Small parts wear out or come loose. This is why you have to check nuts and bolts regularly.

    You can tighten them yourself, but if they keep becoming loose they may need replacement. An expert may even identify what to repair so there will be less vibrations in future.

  3. Wear and Tear

    The constant vibrations will wear parts out as well. Corroded parts need to be identified:
    • Roller tracks
    • Brackets
    • Rollers

    If there are issues with these parts, they can be repaired or replaced.

    Remember, these parts are vital to your garage door’s functioning. If you neglect to check them, your door may become a safety hazard.

  4. Cables & Springs

    What carries all the weight of your garage door? The cables and springs are some of the most important parts in the system. They can become:
    • Frayed
    • Corroded
    • Slack
    • Worn out

    You’ll also notice the effect in the door’s balance. Have them checked the moment you suspect a problem. They may need something as simple as lubrication, but the situation could require replacement as well.

  5. What do You Hear?

    Another hint that your system needs professional attention is a noise. If there’s a new, loud one, when you activate the door, it could mean parts are taking too much strain or there’s an obstruction.

Feel More Prepared now?

See? It’s not that difficult. If you know what to look for you’ll identify a problem in time. Then your quick actions can prevent it from escalating. This is how you keep your home safe and functional.


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