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There are many things that can go wrong with your system, from broken springs to misaligned or even bent tracks. But with our company by your side, you never need to worry. Garage Door Repair Chula Vista offers professional repair services to cover your every need. All you need to do is give us a call and we'll be on our way to fix anything that went wrong with your system!Garage Door Repair Services

Can't Keep the Door Closed?

If you're garage door has opened and refuses to close, one of the most common causes of this problem is issues with the photo eyes. The photo eyes became a requirement of all new openers installed from mid 90s on wards. If you think your door was made after that date, there is a very high chance it features them.

The idea of these photo eyes is primarily centered on user safety. They are placed on opposite side of the door to one another, and send an invisible beam between them that senses when objects or people cross the doors path. Whenever this beam is broken or disturbed, the doors will be halted, and in some designs will reverse backwards. 

It is possible and quite common for one or both eyes to be knocked out of place. If this is the case it would appear like your doors are completely broken and refuse to open. The eyes must be perfectly aligned for the door to function perfectly.

Like all other garage door parts, photo eyes will become dirty over time. It is possible for eyes to become so dirty that the beam they produce is masked and disrupted. If this was the issue, the layer of dirt might be clearly visible.

Our Experts are at Your Service!

Garage Door Repair Chula Vista offers professional garage door repair and maintenance services. We can provide a thorough troubleshooting of your door to identify the exact cause behind the malfunction and execute any repairs needed flawlessly. If your photo eyes have expired past their working life and shut down completely, we’ll replace them for new ones and ensure the door is returned to full working order. The same goes for the springs, opener, rollers and even panels!

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